Sunday, June 5, 2016

06 05 2016

*(OO)*Yuki: Some Mesh Head + Skin - 02 in Milk (The Chapter Four)
[NANI]: Ram Hair (Gami Gacha)

The Ugly & Beautiful: Great Kitsune Gacha - Gold Magatama Halo (Gami Gacha)
Axix: FullSpirits - The Moon in Gold
Miwa's Airship - Elise Gacha Herb Dress and Gold Bracelet
The Ugly & Beautiful: Hagoromo Ribbon in Gin

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Won't you come in?

Genesis Lab: Misaki Mesh Head + Skin (Manga Fair)
Ayashi: Momo Hair (Manga Fair)

Amitomo: HuwaHuwa School Uniform Gacha
Le Morte: (S)aint Book (Suicide Dollz)

Wimey: Light of the Darkness Gacha - Deadly Remains Chandelier (rare) (Wizarding Faire)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Trust Me...

*(OO)*Yuki: Gies Skin (Kustom9)
Ayashi: Momo Hair (Coming soon to Manga Fair)
Negaposi: Elfin Eyes - Darkmatter
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations: Thorns - Pastel Tails
The Ugly & Beautiful: Long Tongue in Lavander (New), Dark BunBun Companion (Manga Fair)

Sweet Thing: Sapphire Botanica Collar
Altair: Mahou Key Necklace in Violet
Foxes: Spash Dress in Seafoam Sparkle (Collabor88)
Fawny: Forest Druid Gacha - Mystic Staff (rare) (The Epiphany)
Muka: Burlesque Bow

Che Bella: Pose 57

Thursday, July 16, 2015

07 16 2015

Genesis Lab: Julia Mesh Head + Skin in Sexy - Milk Tone (Kustom 9)
Spellbound: Wednesday Hair + Hat + Luna Headchain (Wizarding Faire)

G Field: Sweet Blouse "Vanilla"
Random Matter: Percival Necklace in Gold  (Wizarding Faire)
Quirky: Adorabow Garters

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

07 15 2015

*(OO)*Yuki: Lady Skin (Coming soon to Manga Fair)
Ayashi: Etsuko Hair (Hair Fair - Brunette Section)
VCO: Lollipop Candy Mesh Lips (The Seasons Story)

Ninety: Red Cherry Sunglasses (Candy Fair)
Boom: Precious Bow Choker
Cloud: Summer Waves Bikini in Blue (Ai Gacha)
Quirky: Ariel Bag  (The Seasons Story)
Moon Amore: Unicorn Ring
Dear Deer: Winged Garter in Cloud (One Word - Last day!!)
Schadenfreude: Rosa Fishcakes Heels  (The Seasons Story)

UnDeux: Ud006 Pose
Che Bella: Pose 36

Sunday, July 12, 2015

07 12 2015

The Sugar Garden: Dakota Mesh Head + Skin
Ayashi: Hisako Hair (Hair Fair - Brunette Section)

Second Star: Wizarding Headgear - Chic (Wizarding Faire)
Le Morte: Salem Gacha - Cat and Moon (rare) (OMGacha!)
SySy: LilWiz Dress (Wizarding Faire)
Kazama: Creepy Ghost Gacha - Ghost Black + Creepy Scythe (rare) (Ai Gacha)

07 11 2015

Wizarding Faire - Opens tomorrow (July 12th):
Second Star: Wizarding Headgear - Chic
SySy: LilWiz Dress

Left to right:
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Lesson's Board (rare)
Half-Deer: Cauldron of the Stars
NeverWish: Mounted Dragon Head w/ Lamp
unKindness: Magical Classroom Shelving
Half-Deer: Magical Flying Key
The Horror!: Yer A Kitty Gacha - Bed in Raven + Kitty in Raven
Fateplay: Swiftwind - Original
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Chair
The Little Bat: Wizarding Decor Gacha - Candle Cluster
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Table Full (rare)
Nerdology: Carry Along Familiar - Owl
Toiz: Witch House Gacha -Test Tube
EDYN: Wizarding Family Clock

On left shelves, top to bottom:
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Cauldron Set
unKindness:  Potions Gacha - Potions Set 5
Lost Junction: Mascot Plushes - Filius the Raven
LoPo: Crystal Ball
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Potions Set 1

On middle shelves:
Wimey: The Dark Lord's Skull in Bone
Random Matter: Potioneer Set - Alchemy Book
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Potions Set 2
EDYN: Ingredients Gacha - Standard Ingredients
EDYN: Ingredients Gacha - Copper Mortar & Pestle
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Potions Set 6

On right shelves:
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Potions Set 4 + Set 3
unKindness: Potions Gacha - Potions Set 1
Random Matter: Potioneer Set - Armadillo Bile + Gorgon Excreta + Plain Potion Bottle
Random Matter: Potioneer Set - Bat Droppings
EDYN: Ingredients Gacha - Billywig Stings + Mistletoe Berries
Toiz: Witch House Gacha - Fantasy Dead Plant
Distorted Dreams: Wizarding Statues Gacha - Chaser
Larkham & Co.: Tautoculars in Gold


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